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造型設計 - 男士重塑案例
Dr. Patrick Lo Jason Vincent Ian
 造型設計 - 男士重塑案例


Dr. Patrick Lo's testimonial - My Very First ‘One-Stop’ Personal Styling Experience with William Lee

I am an Asian male from Hong Kong in my mid-40s, and currently serving as Associate Professor at one of the top universities in Asia.

I have always been rather confident with my looks and youthful appearance, as well as my taste for outfits, particularly with a preference on the sporty and casual side. For this reason, I never thought I would be needing any image and styling advice from anyone -- until earlier this year [2014], I received a very flattering invitation to serve as the Co-Chair for LibrAsia 2015, a very prestigious international conference on literature and librarianship in Osaka, Japan.

The Conference Committee had asked me to send them a high-quality professional photo of myself – so that they could put my face photo on their Homepage, as part of the conference publicity. It was then I decided to ask my very good friend William for his image and styling service – to create 3 different new images for the following:

(1) Professional Image – for the international conference [mentioned above], and other formal business functions, e.g., keynote speeches, guest lectures, book launches, newsletters of different professional organizations, etc. I wanted to look professional, intellectual, sophisticated, as well as tasteful; at the same time friendly and approachable amongst the students.

(2) Smart Causal Image – for other less formal occasions and self-promotion under different causal social settings, e.g., online dating, university alumni newsletters, semi-professional associations, self-introduction for different cultural events, online social media platforms or meet-up groups, etc.

(3) Sporty Image (Combat Mode) – on top of my full-time job as an academic, I am also a very keen amateur martial arts practitioner. In addition to the traditional Chinese martial arts (praying mantis style), I am also trained in a variety of modern, foreign martial arts, e.g., Aikido, Japanese-style kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and Brazilian Jujitsu, etc. Hence, I wanted to stay away from those boring Chinese Kungfu suits, and create a more refreshing and modern-looking combat image – to show off my athletic / ‘action’ side. This new image (photos) will be used for self-introduction or newsletters of different martial arts / sports associations and clubs, which I am associated with.