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Corporate Training Services
  • How do your employees’ speak the same language without
    saying a word?
  • How are your employees' appearances representing your

Your employees  are  front  line  ambassadors  that  project your company’s image. The key to building a successful business starts with investing in your most valuable asset – your employees’ image.

Corporate training include:

Professional Image Building

Professional image exhibited by the staff at different circumstances, such as at the counters and at the stores, directly or indirectly reflects the image of the company. A proper and high quality Professional Image Building training will enhance the staff’s awareness of grooming, dress code for business and social events.

Professional Image Building

  • Professional Grooming
  • Men’s and Women’s hair style
  • Corporate color and business color psychology
  • Proper ways to wear suit
  • Accessories
  • Dress Code for business and social events
  • Dressing Do’s and Don’ts

Business Etiquette

This training will empower the staffs with adequate social manners andbusiness etiquette skills to serve or work with customers and guests at different circumstances. This training focuses on how to maintain elegant postures when serving. The training also aims to build and strengthen the staff’s confidence in their performance in various occasions.

Social Manners and Business Etiquettes

  • Etiquette in various business occasions
  • Behaviors in public and in the office, when receiving guest and
  • Professional attitudes and postures such as verbal and non-
    verbal communication, eye contact, body language, facial
    expression, walking and sitting gestures, etc.
  • Manners to attend business and social events: cocktail, business
    lunch and dinner, meeting, press conference and exhibition.
  • Tips on business communication, such as telephone manners
    and email etiquette
  • Interaction, communication and conversation