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Kung Fu and Science - 中華武術的古與今 - 功夫與現代科學 2017 中國傳統武術與現代社會關係之武術新形象 Symposium on Tradtional Chinese Martial Arts and Modern Society
The True Color of Philip Ng
The New Image of Wing Chun  


Actors are mostly known for their onscreen work, though unquestionably, both their on and off screen persona plays an important role in creating a heroic image whilst performing daring deeds of martial arts heroism to impress a cinema-going audience.

For example -
Jackie Chan is known for his comedic and acrobatic fighting style;

Steven Seagal is a master of Aikido, utilizing a very non-aggressive martial arts method to aggressively defeat bad guys with machine guns;

Jean-Claude van Damme is not only known for his incredible flexibility and helicopter kicks, but his sex appeal as well;

Donnie Yen is best known for his portrayal of Ip Man, a grandmaster of Wing Chun with a gentle and caring heart, while the actor himself has been branded as the “Universe's Strongest.”

When Philip was asked, “How do you want to brand yourself as your career progresses? What kind of image would you like the audience remember you for in the next 3 to 5 years?”

He answered without hesitation, “I want to be known for my realistic and yet dramatic fighting style on camera. Meaning that I want to be known as an action actor who really knows Kung Fu, rather than someone who trains specifically to look good on the silver screen.”

In the following interview, Philip reveals that in the business of entertainment, having good looks and unique talents is only the beginning. Fortune and success favor the prepared ones.