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Kung Fu and Science - 中華武術的古與今 - 功夫與現代科學 2017 中國傳統武術與現代社會關係之武術新形象 Symposium on Tradtional Chinese Martial Arts and Modern Society
The True Color of Philip Ng
The New Image of Wing Chun  


Lots of people think that Image and Styling only relate to beauty but this is not the case. As an image consultant, I need to tell people that the concept of Image and Styling could be applied to all professions, businesses and walks of life. There is no exception for Chinese Kung Fu, despite of its long history or traditions. Creating a successful image could be one of the most important factors for driving success because it is an effective communication tool to market the product, including yourself.

In the interview, Jerry and I talk about the importance of presenting an up-to-date image in revitalizing traditional Chinese Kung Fu. Jerry also tells us how he uses eye-catching image to:
(1) Make statement about his Kung Fu teaching philosophy
(2) Create a brand identity for this Kung Fu school, without doing any harm to the tradition, integrity and wisdom that are passed down by generations of Wing Chun masters.

Many old Chinese Kung Fu masters continue to lament the fact that young people in Hong Kong do not want to train is Kung Fu anymore, because the training is simply too strenuous.

Ironically, we cannot overlook the increasing number of new Thai boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts) gyms being established in all corners of Hong Kong – not having to worry about not recruiting new members to support the high rents in busy areas, such as Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, etc.

When you ask the young people in Hong Kong, what image first comes into their minds when people talk about Chinese Kugn Fu – many of them would tell you, “Some overweight, bald-headed elderly men performing fancy Kung Fu moves – moves that you never get to use in real combat situations -- before a group of old men with similar looks, at a Chinese restaurant, with the same kind of loud music playing in the background. It has nothing to do with style or being youthful in spirits – definitely NOT ‘cool’ at all. On the contrary, for those guys who get to combat in the MMA fighting ring – their outfits are so ‘cool’ and stylish, not to mention there are always lots of attractive young women cheering in the audience.”

But who says Chinese Kung Fu masters cannot be cool or stylish looking? Just look at Hong Kong-raised Wing Chun master, Jerry Yeung!