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造型设计 - 女士重塑案例
Martina Madam Xue Qiong (薛琼) Eileen Joan
Angela Isabella Jenny  
 造型设计 - 女士重塑案例


Martina is my new client, whom has been referred to me by an old friend. Martina is currently working as a professional sports massage therapist, who helps people ease their pains from all kinds of occupational and sports-related injuries.

Recently, she wanted to change her looks. Well, all women want to look attractive and it never hurts to look your best. The trick is knowing how to do it yourself, or relying on the capable handing of a real professional image consultant to do the job for you. Interestingly, the very first thing Martina said to me was, “I don’t know how to pick clothes, I don’t know how to match clothes!!!”

As you can see from Martina’s before-make-over outfits, and the ways she presented herself – she is a very straightforward and no nonsense person, who would sacrifice both style and looks for comfort and convenience. In short, she would wear anything that would allow her to move very fast, and carry a lot of stuff. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, she was doing great damages to her natural beauty, e.g., slim sexy figure, long feminine oval shape face, etc. What a waste!

Martina told me that with her new looks, she wanted to show two different sides of herself, i.e.:
(1) The elegant, stylish and approachable side – but unlike those ladies you see in Downton Abbey – elegant indeed, but too distant and unapproachable.
(2) Sporty and yet adorable – to bring out those positive energies to her clients; as well as maximizing her attractiveness.


(1) Client Meeting – there is no good just to impose my ideas upon her (regardless how great I think they are) – the most important thing is to understand Martina and what she wanted to achieve with her new looks and her preferences, i.e., likes and dislikes, etc.

(2) To perform body and color tests on her - to find out what suited her best. Martina has such wonderful complexion. Something dark would definitely complement her ivory-like skin tone. I recommended her to have to change her hairstyle and cut her hair shorter. I suggested she would dye her hair black to create a higher contrast with her skin complexion. A really nice haircut together with other accessories will be finish for a complete look.

(3) Shopping, shopping and more shopping - clothes and accessories. It is always fun to shop for a female client, as there is so much more the client and I could play around with. With a client like Martina, there are so many possibilities that allowed me to exercise my colorful imaginations to the fullest. Always think out of the box and it works.

(4) The mix-and-match session allowed Martina how to learn the basic matching techniques on both colors and styles. Martina managed to tell me how to create an outfit which could successfully convey the right messages to other people, i.e., elegant, approachable and energetic.

(5) For make-up, Martina did not need any heavy makeup for the photoshoot. The natural and light makeup indeed helped Martina look more translucent and natural.

(6) To create the images that I had in my mind and also in Martina’s mind – we had to spend time to discuss with photographer - to convey the appropriate body language, i.e., to deliver the correct message, i.e., elegant with style. Giving time for Martina to warm up before the camera was also necessary. There is no point to spend all these time and efforts to dress up, while the sitter would look stiff and unrelaxed in the final photos.

(7) Photo-shooting took the entire day to finish shooting 4 outfits for the stylish and elegant looks, plus 3 more outfits for sporty looks.


(1) ”The new executive look is soooo classy with flair, so beautiful!”
(2) ”Your new look surprised all of us. When did you take the photo of your profile? You looked so elegant!”
(3) ”Your image consultant really did a great job in enhancing your beauty!”


“I am really satisfied with my new image. I am so overwhelmed by everyone’s compliments. When I showed my family and friends my new photos – they could not believe their eyes and were left literally speechless for a few minutes. Well, to be honest, I have to be careful where to put these photos. All women want to be looked at but I worry that my new look will might attract too much ‘male’ attention.

William, you are a real professional. I did not expect I could undergo such a major makeover within a single day. More importantly, I really liked they way you used inexpensive designer brands to create my look. I am now such a hot babe!”

With her new look, Martina will have to be very busy – spending a lot of time fending off those indecent propositions from men, as I am sure they will come in plenty.